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2 Hours Inside my Husband’s Brain

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I borrowed this idea from a humor blog I love. He also wrote a great one about the mind of a two-year old. Read it here.

These are the things I imagine my husband thinks about in a given two-hour window…you may see a few themes here? ;-) Or, maybe this is 2 minutes? Who knows…

  1. Where is my phone?
  2. I need to respond to who ever just texted me, RIGHT NOW.
  3. My children are making noise/smell/want food, where is my wife?
  4. Saturday mornings are for golf, why did my kids/wife not get the memo?
  5. Why can’t all men have an amazing wife like mine who is smart and cool and sexy? I have it made!
  6. I wonder if ESPN is hiring professional fantasy baseball commentators so I can put to use all of this priceless knowledge/research/game watching.
  7. Seriously.. where is my phone?!
  8. How much Ed Show do I have to sit through before my wife goes to bed and I can watch Playboy Channel?
  9. It smells like cat in here.
  10. I wish my wife would micro-manage me a bit more. Today I almost forgot how to drive to work/put on clothes/eat healthy lunch.
  11. Who needs breakfast when I have Diet Pepsi?
  12. Neighbors love it when I fire up the Big Green Egg!
  13. I wonder what Matthew did with the remote.
  14. I hope William learns how to throw 90 miles per hour… real soon.
  15. Beer.
  16. I wish Lena/all women wore more miniskirts/high heels/bikinis.
  17. How can I get mentioned more on my wife’s blog?
  18. I have really great aim with the remote.
  19. Giada De Laurentiis could be attractive if her head was smaller.
  20. William won’t notice if I skip 6 pages in the Dr. Seuss book, right?
  21. If I leave the clean dishes in the dishwasher, Lena will put them away!
  22. People are knuckleheads.
  23. How can I make my two cats disappear before Lena gets back from her run?
  24. I’m hungry.
  25. Denise Richards should do more movies.
  26. Which boy just pooped?
  27. I don’t care what Lena says. I am recycling that pizza box next time.
  28. What crazy Republican should I de-friend on Facebook today?
  29. I hope Rick Santorum wins the nomination.
  30. Lena just woke up/came home from working out/walked in room/made dinner/put children to bed/coughed. She must want sex.
  31. Teaching William to say “fire in the hole” when going #2: my proudest father moment.
  32. I hate this carpet.
  33. I have to go to the bathroom.
  34. When is Lena going to read that Kennedy book I bought her for Christmas?

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I'm a working Mom trying to find balance, true happiness and inspiration. I am a PR gal living in Tampa, raising two boys -- both under the age of three. I am happily married to my best friend and fellow foodie. I routinely blog about my life as a Mom and wanna be chef. I love to travel -- especially to Finland, my second home, and I enjoy talking/thinking and writing about eating/drinking and finding interesting things online. My latest passion includes photography, politics and self-improvement but I'm not expert in any of these subjects so rarely blog about them!

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  1. This is great! I should do this post for my husband’s head too!

  2. Do it — but be prepared for your husband to not agree with everything you list! ;-)


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